Declaration of Support for Support for Robert La Follette, ca. October 24, 1924 (excerpt)



Amos Pinchot and Miss Jane Addams Sign Resolution [Endorsing] Third Party.

Chicago, Oct. 23. -- John M. Nelson, national director of the La Follette-Wheeler campaign, Thursday made public a joint declaration of some 40 supporters of the Roosevelt Progressive Party of 1912 pledging assistance in the endeavor to elect the independent candidates in the present campaign.

The list of signatories is headed by Harold L. Ickes, former Bull Moose national committeeman from Illinois; Amos Pinchot, New York; Miss Jane Addams and Francis J. Heney of California.

"Progressives, except those who ever since 1912 have been apologizing for their temporary [aberration] in that year find in Robert M. La Follette a leadership they may confidently follow," the statement said.

"We are told in one breath that this is a government of parties implying that parties should be held responsible for misgovernment.

"We are told in the next breath that President Coolidge as a leader of the Republican Party is personally honest and unscathed by the Washington scandals. The inference is that while the Republican Party should be elected president of the United States for four years. Any party would thrive on this sort of punishment.

"We have waited in vain for the Republican Party to drive its own rascals out, or even rebuke them.

"During a long and active life, Senator La Follette has fought a good fight against organized wealth, special privilege and the exploitation of the weak by the strong. We know him to be courageous and independent."