Circular for International Study Tours, ca. February 1924

Arranged by


By Study and Travel combined with Lectures upon the History, Art, Literature, Social and Political development of different Countries to foster understanding and friendship between peoples.

[Organizing] Secretary, MRS. K. E. INNES, B.A., 27 HIGH OAKS ROAD, WELWYN GARDEN CITY. HERTS. [page 2]

THIS provisional [program] for 1924 arranged by The International Study Group as part of its work provides for the study of

American Institutions and Affairs,

The League of Nations,

The International Labor Organization, (Geneva.)

Ireland of [Today],

The English Lakes and their Literary Associations,

Italian Art, (Florence.)

French Life and Literature, during Lille University Vacation Course at Boulogne

Those wishing to avail themselves of these arrangements should make early application to the [Organizing] Secretary, Mrs. K. E. Innes, B.A., together with a booking fee of One Guinea. The International Study Group reserves the right to cancel any of the arrangements, in which case the booking fee will be returned. [page 3]

American Institutions and Affairs

LONDON, APRIL 17 to 21

An Easter week-end in London with Lectures by Competent Authorities on

The American Constitution,

American Industries,

Political Parties of [Today],


Social and Humanitarian Movements,


Visit to Jordans (Penn's country), and the "Mayflower" Barn etc.

TERMS, ₤5 0 0 including BOARD at King's College for Women, Campden Hill Road, W.8., from Thursday evening to Monday afternoon. LECTURES, and EXCURSION to Jordans.

LECTURES, 15/– the Course. Single Lectures, 2/–

Detailed [Program] on application. [page 4]


MAY 2 to 16

A Spring Holiday in Florence, with visits to Art Galleries and other works of Art under expert guidance. Excursions to Fiesole, etc.

Two or three addresses on matters of interest to students of Italian life and thought will be given during the fortnight.

Numbers limited. Bookings close April 12th.

INCLUSIVE FEE, 21 Guineas, covering Second Class Travel, Board in Florence, Visits and Excursions. [page 5]

The English Lakes in June

JUNE 7 to 14

A Literary Holiday during Whitweek, with Ambleside as a [center].

Visits to Grasmere, Rydal, Coniston, Hawkshead, Derwentwater.

Addresses on Wordsworth, Coleridge, Ruskin and Matthew Arnold.

By MRS. K. E. INNES, B.A. Author of “Coleridge and his Poems,” etc.

TERMS, ₤10 0 0 Including Board (from arrival till the afternoon of Saturday, June 14) LECTURES and EXCURSIONS.

Detailed [Program] on application. [page 6]

Geneva: The International Labour Conference

JUNE 20 to 27

A week in Geneva with facilities for attending the Conference which will be in Session, and for visiting the International Labour Office, which was set up under the Treaty of Versailles.

A visit of special interest to all who are concerned with the improving of [Labor] conditions throughout the world.

The Agenda of the Conference includes questions of Night Work, Workmens' Compensation for Accidents, and the use of Workers' Leisure.

TERMS ₤11 11 0. Including Pension in Geneva and Second Class return tickets from London.

EXTENSION to Chamonix if desired, June 27th to July 4th. Terms, ₤5 5 0.

The Party will leave London on the morning of Friday, 20th June, and reach Geneva in Saturday morning [page 7]

Ireland of [Today]


A week in Dublin with addresses on different aspects of IRISH LIFE, HISTORY AND LITERATURE, by [recognized] authorities, and visits to places of interest.

An attractive [program] includes addresses from SENATOR DOUGLAS, (Vice-President of the Senate) Mr. HENRY NORMAN, (Irish Agric. [Organization] Socy.) Mr. LENNOX ROBINSON, (Abbey Theatre) Mr. W. B. YEATS and others.

Full details on request.

TERMS, ₤8 8 0 Including Board from Friday evening July 25th to Breakfast on August 1st and Lectures, etc.

Extension on Killarney, Glengariff, etc, or places nearer Dublin can be arranged [page 8]

Cours de Vacances at Boulogne

Arrangements are being made to take groups of young students to the Holiday Course in French Language, Literature, and History, arranged at Boulogne by Lille University.

This Course offers good opportunities for entering into the life of the country and for improving French whether the knowledge is elementary or advanced. Boulogne has been chosen this year by the International Study Group on account of its attractions as a seaside holiday resort and its easy accessibility from London.

The escorted party will leave London on Monday, August 4th, for periods of two, three or four weeks as desired.

Full details and references on application. Interviews in London by appointment.

TERMS. Second Class travel, London to Boulogne and back, Day Travel only. Escort throughout, Full Board and Lectures.

Two weeks ₤11 11 0 Three weeks ₤16 16 0 Four [weeks] ₤20 0 0

Week-end Excursions to Paris, Brussels, Ostend, Bruges and Battlefields of the Somme, by arrangement. [page 9]

Geneva: League of Nations Assembly


WITH EXTENSION to Montreux or Vevey if desired, September 5 to 12.

The party will leave London on the morning of Friday, August 30 and reach Geneva on Saturday morning.

Facilities will be given for visiting the ASSEMBLY of the LEAGUE OF NATIONS which will open on September 1st, for visiting the League Headquarters, and the International Labour Office.

LECTURES and DISCUSSIONS on various aspects of the work of the League will be arranged. Particulars of the Tour have been circulated in the U.S.A. and it is hoped that Americans also will join the party and that a useful exchange of ideas will result.

TERMS, ₤11 11 0. Including Pension in Geneva Second Class return ticket from London and Lectures, Visits, etc. as arranged.

EXTENSION to Montreux or Vevey, ₤5 5 0 September 5 to 12.