Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, July 23, 1915


July 23, 1915

Dearest Lady:

I am making a dash for a train, so this letter is sent in a sketchy kind of a way. Paul Kellogg, Mr. Holt and I have met several times, trying to get into shape what we believed was your idea. We were to see Mr. Brandeis last night, but did not get to it, and Felix Frankfurter is coming on Wednesday. Mr. Kellogg has himself talked this over with Mrs. Benedict and Mr. Krehbiel. We think we are getting warm, and the enclosed is to report progress to you.

Will you go off by yourself, read this statement, make your comments and your additions and subtractions? You will observe that we have endorsed the various measures that came up during the discussion at the Settlement on Tuesday, but if your idea is to be further developed, it seems to Mr. Holt, Mr. Kellogg and me that we should put our intensive work on that one thing.

I hear that you had a wonderful demonstration in Chicago. Do write and tell us about it.

Yesterday, Mr. Holt, Paul Kellogg and I arrived at the point that we thought Colonel House, one other person of great importance -- Judge Hughes or ex-President Taft -- and yourself should be the three to go to The Hague, and from there begin your efforts to get suitable together to discuss the "strike."

With very much love and devotion,


 L D W [initialed]

Miss Jane Addams