Jane Addams to Anita McCormick Blaine, February 13, 1913


Feb. 13, 1913

My dear Mrs. Blaine: --

We have a little scrap of a colored settlement on the West Side called The Wendell Phillips Settlement, started by Dean Sumner, Judge [Sadler] and a few of the residents at Hull-House. It has been going on very well for several years. Mrs. Brophy built them a house for which we are paying on the installment plan. Mr. Rosenwald pays the salaries of two colored girls who are studying at the School of Civics and who are doing very good work at the little settlement.

You must see that all this is a preliminary to a horrible request for money. The entire budget is $3000 and we have had all promised but $600. Would you be interested to help on that? I really ask with much more confidence because I am convinced that the work there, although on a modest scale, is thoroughly well done and very much needed. It is hard, is it not, to write this letter at the very last minute before I go away. Any check which you might send could either be sent to Miss Breckinridge at Hull-House, or directly to the Treasurer, Dean Sumner at the Cathedral.

Am I imposing upon your unfailing kindness to me? I hope not.

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs. Emmons Blaine,