Macmillan Company to Jane Addams, November 27, 1906

The Macmillan Company
New York, Nov. 27, 1906
Miss Jane Addams
Hull House, Chicago


We beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 24th and in reply we may say that in our memorandum of the agreement between us for your work entitled "The Newer Ideals of Peace" the amount of advance is larger than that mentioned in your letter and is payable, according to the copy of the agreement which we have, on the publication of the work. We shall be glad if you will kindly verify the matter by your own copy of the agreement and let us know.

We may say that we are prepared to publish the book at any time that you are ready, and to send you our [check] for two hundred dollars advance on account of the book if you find our statement of the matter to be correct as above.

Yours very truly,


per J.C.

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