Edwin R. A. Seligman to Jane Addams, April 25, 1912

Columbia University
In the City of New York

April 25, 1912

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams: --

Permit me to thank you for your very great kindness in sending me a copy of your new book. I don't know which I prize more -- the contents of the book itself or the kind autograph in your own handwriting. I need not tell you what I think of the book as I had occasion to express myself to you verbally, I think, when we last sat at dinner; but I am quite sure that there will be no more potent influence in arousing public opinion in this country and in England than your own modest, sensible, and stirring presentation.

With expressions of the highest esteem and regard, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Edwin R. Seligman [signed]


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