Progressive Party, Declaration of Principles, April 20, 1912


20-4-1912 Wharton Barker made the following


1 -- Honest elections -- Prison and disfranchisement for vote sellers and buyers, direct or indirect; detailed publication of campaign expenditures; assistance of voters for physical disability only; suffrage without regard to sex.

2 -- Party nominations by primary elections; independent nominations by petition.

3 -- Election of United States Senators and United States Judges by the people.

4 -- Direct taxation -- on property and incomes, not on individuals or industry.

5 -- Tariff -- solely for needed protection of American Labor, but not for taxation nor monopoly.

6 -- Trusts -- founded on tariff, public franchise or natural monopoly to be abolished.

7 -- National money -- not bank money; National Bank, not Private banks.

8 -- Charges by present public service corporations to be limited to fair interest on cost of reproduction, plus maintenance and efficient operation.

9 -- Capitalization of new public service corporations to be limited to cost of reproduction.

10 -- Ultimate government ownership and operation of public utilities and natural monopolies.

11 -- Labor -- Legislation securing to labor its just product; arbitration prohibition of child labor; minimum daily wage on just sliding scale; insurance of labor against physical hazard, with government [cooperation]. [page 2]

12 -- Immigration laws to protect American labor.

13 -- Conservation of natural resources.

14 -- Direct legislation -- the Initiative, Referendum and Recall; lawmaking by the people and not by the Courts; prohibition of injunction abuses.

15 -- Appointment of public officers now made by the President, other than Cabinet Officers, Foreign Ambassadors and Ministers, to be made by Congress, veto of President to be abolished.

16 -- No entangling alliances with Europe or Asia.

17 -- Commercial union of American nations and colonies.

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