Tansey, Charlotte Elizabeth Chapman Rowett (1863-1950)

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Carol Hunter Southwick

I'm delighted and surprised to run across this letter written by my great grandmother, Charlotte Rowett Tansey. I am delighted, of course, because it was quite unexpected. She was a syndicated columnist, so I do occasionally discover writing of hers which I hadn't seen before, but I wasn't searching for that today. And I am surprised at the sweetly gushing tone of her letter, as she was most definitely not prone to profuse expression of emotion. 

Anyone familiar with the extraordinary life of Jane Addams however, would understand her great admiration. 


Carol Hunter Southwick 

Cathy Moran Hajo

Hi Carol, So glad you were able to make a connection! We will be adding to the biography as the project goes on, but if you have a photograph or any information on her life, I'd be delighted to include it. You can send it directly to chajo@ramapo.edu.

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