Outline of Peace Lecture, November 1924



Talk of next war growing more common. Some present preparations for next war. October Atlantic -- The New Preparedness.

Should we have a next war?

I What is the status of the present generation in the history of man?

A. The long struggle to develop "brain-box" which [ante?] dated man was characterized by utilizing

1. forces of [motion]
2. forces of resistance
3. instinct of self preservation 

Fighting had useful place as suffering seemed chief instrument of the vital urge {"Suffering" at this stage little more than a discomfort}

B. Advent of primitive intelligence characterized by conscious inventive processes

Fighting has less important place as intellectual curiosity and inventiveness builds up a culture {as suffering becomes more acute, it loses its usefulness}

C. Intelligence gains great mastery of physical forces

Fighting loses all constructive value and becomes horribly destructive {[cooperation] to eliminate suffering marks progress.} [page 2]

D. Part played by conservative forces [throughout] this evolution

1. Law of inertia opposes motion or change of motive
2. Love of ease opposes law of Life which is activity and variety.
3. Usefulness of conservative forces
4. Perversion [of conservative forces]
Nature of perversion
Danger of perversion

II. Struggle to avoid next war must be commensurate to the menace

A. Knowledge possessed by the few must be made general.

First as to what may cause a next war

1. Psychological causes (exaggerated nationalism group characteristic, animosities ↑[etc.]↓)

2. Physiological causes (population, natural and artificial boundaries [etc.])

3. Economic causes

a. Simple facts of history and resources of nations
b. [Interdependence] of modern nations
c. Development of syndicated "big business"

4. The psychological preparation 

a. Subject understood and [page 3] utilized by war makers
b. The appeal to and development of animosities, prejudices, faults and human weaknesses
c. [Through] part truth and falsities things made to appear what they are not.
d. Other arts of manipulating mass mentality
e. Reaction of material preparedness

Second as to what will be the nature of the next war

1. Evolution of instruments of war

2. Increase in destruction

3. Increase in misery

4. Complete reversal of all of humanity's efforts to relieve suffering

5. Present day war is

a. Reversion to old methods that have served their usefulness and should disappear.
b. Perversion of new forces to kill rather than develop the civilization & culture of man
c. Disease of Society (Conservation degenerated to corruption) [page 4]

Third as to what is the relation of war

1. To Democracy

a. Man [through] fighting learned to [cooperate]
b. Government evolved from war.
c. Early forms resembled army government.
d. Long struggle for ballot
e. Referendum vs. conscription

2. To Imperialism

a. War causes reversal of type in government
b. Replaces an Internationalism of free nations by a war type of hegemony backed by militarism
c. Makes "Next War" inevitable

3. To Heroism

a. Courage -- a quality of life, an instinct, also an intellectual process
b. Progress impossible without courage
c. Intelligence & courage interchangeable as cause & effect. Strength ditto. [page 5]
d. War leaves a world enslaved to fear
e. Highest courage [today] finds expression in work for peace

B. How is the elementary knowledge concerning war to be made general?

How is interest to be aroused and means devised to make more people conscious that a next war is inevitable unless it is intelligently averted?

My hope has been to get a group in every community organized for the purpose of study and work for the Cause of Peace

Militaristic propaganda is at work in every nook and cranny and no available channel is neglected. People who hope for peace must be equally active.

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