Florence Gottschalk Taussig to Jane Addams, March 8, 1924

St. Louis, Mo.
March 8, 1924.

My dear Miss Addams:

Your letter telling of the Pax Special has caused much enthusiasm in St. Louis. We feel you must stop in St. Louis on your way from Indianapolis to Chicago, between May 7, and 17, if it is at all possible for you to arrange it.

Recent efforts to place our two German delegates showed that ↑St. Louis↓ insists on representation from several other foreign nations at Peace meetings if we are to get full [cooperation]. I have also written Miss Woods about this because I was not certain whether you or the Washington office were making the arrangements for the Pax Special.

Through the efforts of Mrs. Senseney we have just formed a Council of organizations doing Peace work. With the help of this [group] of organizations I believe we can have the largest Peace meeting ever held in St. Louis if you will come.

We are having a meeting for Frau Salomon, in which the League of Women Voters, the Council of Jewish Women and W.I.L. are [cooperating].


↑With greetings to you from us all --

Devotedly Yours,↓

Florence G. Taussig. [signed]

↑We have collected $200.00 more for the congress.↓