Alice Salomon to Jane Addams, September 18, 1922

Berlin W. 30.
Luitpoldstr 27.

Sept 18th 1922.

Dear Miss Addams:

It is with a very sore heart that I write to you [today] -- as the object of this letter is a question to which I can only brace me up through the anxieties for my life’s work: The Berlin Social School. The unfortunate events of the last two months, the financial collapse of Germany have shaken all social work [to?] their its foundation and it seems doubtful, what of all the activities -- not [bringing] immediate material relief will be able to survive. I need not tell you what it would mean to Germany, if the school will go into the abyss too. You know, as many people on your side do, that it has [developed] the spiritual and moral strength in our country.

However the present situation is fatal. The last two months have [in?] spite of government, municipal and private help, made it necessary [page 2] to use the whole capital of the school -- and we have actually not the money for the October salaries and for [costs].

I know that it is very much the same everywhere -- and I know that millions in Russia are dying.

Yet I think you will understand that, before [illegible] allowing my ship to sink, I am stretching out a hand for help and I venture to ask your opinion, if you believe the Social Schools of U.S.A. could be approached for help.

I suppose if it would be possible to help the school going for another year, it might be saved and eventually taken over by the municipality -- but this would in any case take some time and the danger is immediate.

To me it would not be possible to ask personal friends or individuals in another country to help -- but I think, if the schools would do something, I [page 3] could accept it and our Board of Managers would be very grateful indeed.

If I had anything like private means left, I would not think of any such thing -- but of course I am working now for my daily bread too and have nothing left.

I hope you will decide entirely according to your opinion -- and set aside any thought of me -- if you could advise such a plan and, if you would lend your help to it. I suppose 100 dollars could save the school for one year -- but of course I cannot judge, if the schools would feel that there is a bond which makes them inclined to consider help and if it is within their possibility.

I had thought of writing [page 4] about it to Carolena Wood first -- but in a way I think you know more about my work and you are more intimately tied to the same sort of work in your country.

I know what it means to bother you -- and I hope you will know what it costs me to do it and how I feel about it.

This is all I can say.

If you think nothing can be [done], please do not bother to answer. I shall fully understand.

And I am always yours in admiration and affection

Alice Salomon