Harriet Monroe to Jane Addams, January 31, 1910


Dear Jane Addams:

You will hardly believe that I have had no chance to read your book until now, nor that it is the first book I have read since you gave it to me, except for two which I read in [page 2] Oconomowoc over New Year's when I had forgotten to put yours in my gripsack. Yet as it is -- I can't read any more, it seems to me; and then a few books which I am longing for have been on my table for weeks unopened.

So at last I may thank you intelligently [page 3] for your many lessons and kind analysis of the chief trouble with our cities, with our modern civilization. It seems to me profoundly thought out and beautifully done; thought and done with fine intelligence and exquisite sympathy. Surely it will have a far-reaching affect. [page 4] 

I was glad to recognize some pages of that Ladies Home Journal article which I read in Cornish and thought in need of more permanent form. Indeed the book appeals to me very deeply, and I thank you from my heart for sending it to me. I am coming over soon to say so.

Yours cordially

Harriet Monroe

225 E. Erie St.
Jan. 31, 1910.

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