Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, March 25, 1922

Oakland Florida
March 25” 1922

My dear Stanley --

Louise Hulbert and I have been spending a little while here with Mary Smith in a charming house she has taken on the edge of a golf-course.

I am in between speaking engagements and Louise is on her way to Texas to visit Sarah Young, she will get back in April and will possibly be married early in June to Ashleigh Brittain as Esther may have told you. I have had a very good time with her but she has now gone off on a motoring tour with some people [page 2] while Mary & I are keeping house with Sallie's two little girls for whose benefit the Florida house was taken. Their whooping cough has at last disappeared & they are thriving. We are in the midst of an orange country where oranges sell for $6.00 a box owing to the California situation. Fred Smith is of course much pleased with the price.

Mary Smith writes with me in love to all the family, we hope soon for more pictures of little Myra.

Always your loving aunt

Jane Addams


Please write me about Jane's operation, have you had it or was it postponed?