George Platt Brett Sr. to Jane Addams, May 27, 1909


NEW YORK, May 27, 1909

Dear Miss Addams:-

I am very glad indeed to learn from your letter to Mr. Marsh that you decided to give to the public your experiences at Hull House and I am asking Mr. Marsh to endeavor to arrange with you for the publication of the of the volume at such a date as will be most convenient for yourself. We on our part our ready -- and indeed anxious to bring it out for you at such time as seems to you best suited to the publication of the book.

When you are in this city in June, perhaps you would do me the favor of allowing me to speak to you about the title of this book, as the choice of a suitable title is a matter of great importance, and will, I think, materially affect the sale of the volume.

I am

Yours very truly,

George P. Brett [signed]

Miss Jane Addams

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