Madeleine Vernet to the Organizers of the No More War Demonstration, March 19, 1922


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Copy of letter from Madeleine Vernet, Epône, 19 Mar 1922

My dear comrades,

 I received your letter of 14 March, which was immediately translated and which interested me very much.

The idea of a great anti- militaries and demonstration for the next anniversary of the war is ours also. We want to do it on Sunday, July 30. But, we should not pretend that there aren’t many difficulties.

Our League of women against war is, you know, new, not yet a year old. It is not therefore very powerful. In order for the demonstration to be impressive, it is necessary to [dren] to [ces] the power of diverse movements which, however they differ on other questions are united on this one: to resist war. But, will they join with us?

You are not ignorant of the deep diversions throughout the French land. How to write at a unity among all the brothers who treat each other as enemies?

Never the less, we want to try it.

Our league held this write several meetings whose only goal was to [prepare/plan] our speech for the demonstration and we are organizing a Large meeting to this end on April 29.

Only after this meeting will we be able to know whether it will be possible to initiate serious activities on July 30. [I'll] keep you posted.

Would you be able to tell me if at the moment you would think it possible to have in France several delegate from the war resistance movement in England [mostly women]?

This would be very important. The hesitant ones always maintain that war resistance is undeveloped in other countries.

It would be equally desirable to get propagandists from Germany.  

[hasn’t fall,] I received from German a letter from a friend of yours, recommends you: John P. Fletcher of Berlin. Because of an untimely accident his letter never reached me until January. I had it translated and responded immediately. I presented to him precisely this idea of a demonstration in July and asked hi if we could have several German delegations at it.

I haven’t received a response up to now. Would you be able to give me some Englishman and on this subject? Is John Fletcher still in Berlin?

I have enclosed our Bulletin No. 1 against war. I'm attaching to it the propaganda pieces we have to date. We are reading others but financial resources are [laches] for preparation of all the [desired]  propaganda. And then, we are only a small [member/number] in tow gap- at the branch And that is always what we suffer.

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