Jane Addams to Richard Watson Gilder, April 22, 1909


April 22, 1909.

My dear Mr. Gilder:-

We are having some difficulty in securing money to finance the National Peace Conference which, as you know, meets in Chicago from the second to the fifth of May. Do you think that it would be possible to interest Mr. Carnegie in the matter? Chicago has always been very apathetic on the subject of Peace, and there does not seem to be time before the Conference to educate them properly. After all, it is a national conference and it is rational that help should come from the outside.

I know it is very awkward to approach Mr. Carnegie in this roundabout way, but I understand so far any appeal to him has failed to get by the secretary. If you could do something for us in getting the matter before him personally, we should all be very grateful to you. I am sorry to trouble you [page 2] about the matter, but it seems very difficult to reach Mr. Carnegie in any other way.

With cordial greetings to Mrs. Gilder and yourself, I am, 

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mr. Richard Watson Gilder,
New York.