Emily Lovett Eaton to Jane Addams, November 13, 1920

332 Ostrom Ave

My dear Miss Addams,

No sooner had I sent off my letter of yesterday to you, than I saw a statement that Mr. Hoover is back of the Literary Digest fund. This of course answers the question I put to you.

If you think the carol-singing idea worth while, would you hand it directly [page 2] on to Mr. Hoover, as time is so short?

I talked with a local clergyman as to the possibility of getting cooperation of the churches and Sunday-schools, and found him rather skeptical of their taking hold well "because they would all be so happy with their own Christmas entertainments programs"! But I hope he is not representative. If the churches could put an energetic woman in charge of it ↑in each Sunday-school↓ it could go. Of course neighborhood groups, exclusive of church groups, [could] be selected. But it needs some definite [page 3] backing. The children of the public schools learn carols in many places, but I doubt if the school authorities as a body would allow such a plan to be worked out through them.

However, perhaps the whole idea is impracticable, [although] the more I think of it, the more possible it seems, notwithstanding some difficulties.


Emily L. Eaton.

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