Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, August 4, 1908

Boulder Colo
Aug 4" 1908

My dear Alice

I am finding Boulder rather hot but so much cooler than Chicago that I feel like a deserter from my post. I am afraid that Girard is impossible this time as my ticket is [on] the North Western. I am quite enjoying the mountains here [although] fortunately one of our ex residents has asked me to be her guest in the town, so that I am not living in a tent.

I saw Mrs [Mason]'s sister yesterday--Mrs [Walher] and one or two others of your friends.

When are you coming east to meet Marcet, will you write me the [page 2] date in Sept? I have an appointment in N.J. the 7th but will be back by the next day. It would be very nice if you would stay at H.H. a little while before going to Cedarville.

Mary Smith came out with me and is at her brother's at Colorado Springs where I will meet her next Saturday. I then [speak] for Sarah's Settlement at Pueblo and start for home on Monday.

Always your loving sister. J. A.