Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Mina Caroline Ginger Van Winkle, January 4, 1918


January 4th, 1918

My dear Miss Van Winkle:

I am sending you the receipt for Miss Jane Addams ticket to Hot Springs and return. She left on November tenth at about noon, reaching Hot Springs at nine the next morning. I cannot give you the hour she left Hot Springs but perhaps this is not necessary. I am not able to send the receipt for the Pullman because this was ordered from here but purchased at St. Louis where Miss Addams had to change cars.

I am also enclosing a receipt for the one fare to Denver. I am not able to enclose the receipt for the return, although the company will write to Denver for it, because the ticket was purchased in Denver. This receipt covers, as you will see, the Pullman.

The enclosed receipts cover

One fare to Denver and Pullman


Fare to Hot Springs and return




To this should be added the return to Chicago from Denver, namely $34.26, and the Pullman tickets to Hot Springs and return, which were about ten dollars. No war tax is included in this statement.

I hope this is clear and that it will facilitate the work of your office. I am exceedingly sorry that I did not understand better what was to be done, at the time.

Miss Addams is speaking in Chicago tomorrow [page 2] for Mr. Hoover's Department and goes to Cincinnati on the nineteenth.

Very sincerely yours,

Eleanor Daggett Karsten [signed]
Secretary to Jane Addams