Sophonisba P. Breckinridge to Jane Addams, September 14, 1917


Holderness, N.H., September 14, 1917.

Dear Miss Addams --

I have your letter addressed to members of the Board and am writing to say that it would not be possible for me to attend a meeting in New York in September, unless perhaps it were called for the early part of next week, which I know is out of the question, but that I hope that you will have a meeting as soon as you can get a number of the members of the Board together, and that if it were during a [weekend] after the beginning of October, I think that I could go on (at my own expense, of course.)

About the statement of principles, I am not clear as to how far the President's reply should change it. I have been wanting to get the time to <re:>write Section 5 thanking him for going as far as he has gone and begging that he progressively push the views expressed in it <[his] reply> so far as it does accord with our "desires." Perhaps I can enclose something in this, but with a family of five in a little cottage meant for two and those very large young persons, it is not easy even up here to find the silence for a little thinking.

Devotedly, even hungrily yours,

S. P. Breckinridge [signed]

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