Florence Griswold Buckstaff to Jane Addams, April 17, 1902

Oshkosh, Wisconsin. April 17, 1902

My dear Miss Addams:--

I am afraid we trouble you often from this far corner, but it is because you never fail to help us. Now it is a general want which we feel, and confide to you; and you need not answer the letter, only bear us in mind. We need a leader for settlement work in Oshkosh, you know we have your problems writ small; just as much vulgarity, low ideals; a second generation of foreigners inferior to their parents in many ways.

There has lately been a sort of philanthropic revival here, due to a class [page 2] in one of the churches--and there are a good many people in earnest about wishing to aid some positive work among the factory hands. I think we can supply money and sympathy and amateur help--but we need an experienced leader. Perhaps you know of one who is seeking a field? I know a settlements grows, and cannot be had to order, and I have been hoping some of our returning colleagians would be the nucleus, but so far none has [appeared]. 

I wish you could come to our Lakeshore hut this summer for a little rest, but goodbye. I must not weary you with letters. 

I am most cordially 

Florence Griswold Buckstaff

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