William A. Wolfe to Jane Addams, September 17, 1904

Beatrice, Neb.

Sep [17]. 04

Miss [Addams]
[Re Friend?]

I was very Interested In reading of you in Hull house work= In Harper's Bazar= & Thought I would write you = Stating my pleasure & admiration of the results= & work Done. I did not know But you would be glad to know= I knew your F. very well= & In the way a Boy knows a man.  I was a little fellow= & my work was to drive Our family Cow Every Summer morning= from our home in F. to what was Goodhue's or Goddard's pasture= This was In the Early 70s & you no doubt remember [page 2] the road from the Bridge= along By the Woods & bends of the stream= Well the Constant meeting of your F. In his Buggy going to & fro from C. to F. awoke In me the question who he was &= someone said he was a Banker= & his name Mr. [Addams]. Now that road to the Pasture from town was not a long one= But like the Poet says of a Boys thoughts= long long Thoughts= so I thought it a long long road= Especially about the time Mr A. would come along= The thoughts would come to me Wonder if he would give me a ride= so when I found out his name & Bus a secret resolve came [page 3] Over me that I would do my Best= so I could eventually get a ride to & from town, so I said Good Morning Mr. [Addams]. Now I know he was surprised to be spoken to By name By a Boy driving a cow= But I suppose he just gave it a passing thought= But I kept at it= & each time would do my best to Invite further acquaintance finally it was not long= until he said on my return walking along the road= Well young man Don't you want a ride. Now you May be sure it was not the last one & All summer long I timed it so I had the old family Pump In the Pasture [page 4] & was looking NW along the Cedarville Pike= for Mr [Addams]' Rig= & I timed it so I was hardly ever disappointed, & very pleasant memories remain of our talks and the fine ride with his fine team of horses= [Illegible] With most all of the old Stephenson Co Settlers= his work is done= But that little ↑kind↓ act of his follows me# & when I am driving over the Country would you believe it= I just Keep an Eye open to [get] a boy aboard to Quiz= For Boys are pretty much alike= about the only thing to Do is to Quiz them= I dare [page 5] Say you often think of these Grand old woods & running Streams with Pebble bottoms= & and the old Mill= What a Picture of Nature= there is= there= but all this Is a passing Scene= & busy busy Life Presses on. & no matter how much One does or has= they must be Pushing On. I have written this just as I would like to talk with you= & I dare say you will be surprised to hear of me & I trust this letter will please You. & with the best wishes In your work [Truly]
William A. Wolfe

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