William Atherton Du Puy to Jane Addams, February 23, 1916

The National Organizations News Service
Metropolitan Bank Building
Washington, D.C.

February 23, 1916.

Miss Jane Addams, Chairman,
[Woman's] Peace Party,
#116 S. Michigan Ave.,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams:

The National Organizations News Service would like to handle publicity for your association -- would like to get its news to every publication that might use it.

This service has this winter acted as publicity representative for the Pan-American Scientific Congress, the American Peace Society, the National Civic Federation, the National Rivers and Harbors Congress, the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, the American Civic Association, and others.

Every propaganda we have handled we believed to be in the public interest or we would not have accepted its business. The editors of America also believe that the news of these organizations has a place in their columns when properly presented. They know that we handle nothing that has not a legitimate news value. As a result our copy is everywhere welcome and we can get in print where others have failed. Our material is used regularly by the great press associations, by Washington correspondents, by the newspapers themselves. This makes it possible for us to get unprecedented results.

For the preparation of the news of an organization like yours, and its presentation to all possible users, we make a charge to be paid by the organization. Thus we would not contract to put out your news on a yearly basis. We specialize on so handling conventions as to get the greatest possible amount of publicity for them. If you are interested in our service we will be glad to quote figures. We believe we would be able to multiply your influence by ten and that our publicity would pay for itself by stimulating memberships and contributions.

Before taking this matter up with us I would be glad if you would inquire about us from the secretary of any of the organizations mentioned above or from the head of the Washington bureau of any important newspaper.

Very truly yours,

William Atherton Du Puy [signed]