Jane Addams to Anita McCormick Blaine, October 26, 1915


October 26, 1915

My dear Mrs. Blaine: --

For a long time you sent your very generous annual contribution to Hull-House sometime between June and December. Last year, as you may remember, the check for 1914 was delayed until February of this year. I think I wrote you then asking if we might put it into our special fund for the unemployed which Hull-House was administering at that time as the needs of our neighbors were so exigent for food and clothing.

I am venturing to write you now to ask if you could let us have your check for this year the last of October or the early part of November. We are trying very hard to keep out of debt, but the fund of $10,000 for the unemployed which was added last winter to our usual budget has made this extremely difficult. Your generous subscription at this time would help us out enormously, and I am sure I need not tell you how grateful we should be if you found it possible to let us have it.

I have been hoping to see you ever since you came back. The [page 2] School Board troubles are almost painfully familiar, are they not!

Always faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs. Emmons Blaine
Chicago, Illinois.

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