Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, October 13, 1915


October 13, 1915.

Dear Miss Addams:

Has the executive committee of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace any funds? Three different editions of the Manifesto were run off for the advance news treatment -- one for the Associated Press, one for the United Press and one for the other papers. The Evening Post paid for the composition, as they will use the story in their own issue; but the cost of paper and press work on news matter amounts to $13.79.

If the international committee has funds this would seem a legitimate charge for them to bear as it is their Manifesto.

If not, there is a balance left out of that $100 which you turned over to our Henry Street Committee. That is, the two editions of Miss Wales' pamphlet cost something over $80; so that I could readily pay the Nation Press bill out of that.

The National Peace Federation is paying for the 500 copies of the Manifesto ordered for distribution to their full membership.

Mr. Gavit worked like a Trojan on the publicity work. Won't you drop him a line, if you have not done so.

To show you the way the Associated Press sizes up the document -- let me tell you that they requested fifty extra copies only yesterday to send to their Canadian papers.

Miss Lucy Huffaker (for Mrs. Benedict) has gotten together a list of foreign language newspapers to which I am sending out a copy of the Manifesto to reach them on the 15th; and Prof. Battin has sent us a list of editors, ministers and officials in different foreign countries. His list, however, has not included the foreign ministers [and] the like of that. My understanding is that you are planning to send these official statesmen an official copy of the Manifesto and that Mr. Gavit has forwarded to you at Chicago a bundle of copies for your purpose. In a letter just received from Prof. Battin he says: "The list of names should be looked up, and one sent to each of the prime ministers, or heads of governments, and to each of the foreign secretaries of the countries of Europe, and of North and South America."


Paul U Kellogg [signed]