Announcement of a Party at the National Preparatory School, March 28, 1925


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The Board of Directors and the staff of School no. 8, have the pleasure of inviting you to the party that, with the motion of the Inauguration of the Activities of the Mothers' Clubs of the National Women's Association of Temperance, will take place in the Amphitheater of the National Preparatory School, on Saturday 28, at 10.50.
This party will be chaired by the well-known humanist Ms. Jane [Addams].
Mexico, March 28, 1925.
Ernestina M. Alvarado
President of the Association
Lorenza Rosales

Director of School No. 8.

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1st. Piano piece. Teacher Miss Rosa Bautista

2nd. Words. Miss Ernestina M. Alvarado

3rd. Windmill. Choir for the students of ler. Group of the 2nd. Darling. School No. 8.

4th. To teach him to be a man. Recitation by the girl Magdalena Molina of the 3rd. Cycle of the School no. 8.

5th. The Proclamation of the Flowers. Dance for the students of the 2nd. 2nd grade Sky School no. 8.

6th. Report on the work of the Mothers' Clubs by the Secretary General Mrs. María de Jesús Saucedo de Santillàn.

7th. Seville of Albeniz. Piano Ms. Bertha Pardi.

8th. Typical dance. students of reading 2nd grade. Sky Group D. and E of School no. 8.

9th. Dulce Amor. Choir by the Students of the 2nd. and 3rd.

10th. Minuet Students of the 2nd. and 3rd. Sky School no. 8.

11th. my sadness Choir for the Mothers' Clubs of the National Women's Temperance Association.

12th. Piano. Miss teacher. Rose Baptist.

13th. Singing. Miss teacher. Stella Chega.