Alfred Landon, Baker, Daniel Miner Lord, and Jane Addams to Anita McCormick Blaine, December 8, 1913



Chicago, Dec. 8, 1913.

Mrs. Emmons Blaine,
101 E. Erie St.,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Mrs. Blaine:

You help to support jails, charities, hospitals and anti-tuberculosis crusades. Playgrounds lessen the need for these.

You help to support churches, schools and industries -- but these cannot be fully efficient while so many young people are weakened by misuse of leisure time. Organized recreation is helping to solve the great Leisure-Time Problems.

Moving pictures, dance halls, pool rooms, and saloons should not monopolize the leisure-time activities. Recreation [centers] in schools, playfields in parks, and organized games should be provided.

Chicago's playgrounds, publicly supported, make no appeals for your contributions. But, for hundreds of American children and youths in Illinois and vicinity, playgrounds and recreational activities cannot be effectively developed unless YOU help the Playground and Recreation Association to do this.

You know how everywhere business blocks and residences are filling up the children's play spaces. Automobiles and policemen prevent street play. The active games played twenty years ago are seldom seen now. Many youngsters are pathetically idle and playless.

Will you help to give them back their birthright? Will you invest some spare dollars to smiles and health, quickened pulses and strengthened ideals? Will you join with other Chicago people who are giving from $10 to $100. each for this preventive, constructive, character-building work?

Your generous response, on the enclosed subscription blank, may be addressed to Mr. Charles L. Hutchinson, Corn Exchange National Bank, Chicago.

Cordially yours,

Alfred L. Baker [signed]
Daniel M. Lord. [signed]
[illegible signed name]
Jane Addams [signed]