Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith July 19, 1901



I saw Aunt Sarah yesterday who reported you as most sensible at Buffalo and I have hopes that the rest-cure will be continued. Certainly something needs to be done to your [innards]. I get quite low in my mind when I think about them.

Aunt Sarah's voice was weak but she looked better than she did the Sunday before. Your brother is devotion itself and she looked quite happy.

The Ponds are really buckling down to our things at last, the Butler gallery changes are going on quite briskly and the Auditorium begins on Monday.

I have been flying around "considerable." There is so much typhoid in the neighborhood among men. The Bureau of Charities has absolutely no [page 2] money and we have been more of a Relief bureau than any thing else -- but the "relief" was needed. Dr Rice is most amiable and charming and likes the work -- and that same sentence would apply to the new nephew.

I go out to Rockford tomorrow & on to Cedarville for a night or two. J. Lathrop has had her crisis with her board and we are again much given to newspaper [interviews].

Please give my love to your father & mother and the Younger Smiths as well. I am always devotedly [ys] J. A.

July 19" 1901