Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, July 14, 1901


July 14" 1901

My dear Alice

The [nephew] has a place as Sec'y of the Anthropological Committee of the Worlds Fair at St Louis and the two young people are establishing themselves in a little apartment there. I spent Thursday night at Cedarville and Esther [went] down on Friday morning as happy as possible. Laura was most generous with her in the way of bed linen and [page 2] she went off fairly well provided.

Charley and I had been in St Louis together last week from Friday until Monday, and I had an opportunity to get to know the young man. He is really very nice, open hearted and affectionate, and if we can get them over the first few years without making the grind of life too hard and discouraging, I think that all will go well. [page 3]

Mr Swope and his friends have been so kind about getting him established.  I stayed with Mr Swope's mother who I am sure will be good to Esther.

Of course Laura is the natural person to be with Esther at the time of her confinement and the one whom she wants. If it is fearfully hot in St Louis in Oct. she may come to Cedarville for the event but probably it won't be. [page 4]

I have just given a lecture in Des Moines where I had a charming visit with Virginia [Richard], I also saw Mrs Russell Mrs Cole & they would be so pleased to have you visit them and I am sure you would enjoy it.

How are you enduring this hot weather. Iowa was hideously hot and I imagine Kansas must be. Please let me know the probable date of your coming -- so we can plan ahead for it. With love to Marcet, always your loving sister --

Jane Addams