Mabel Thorp Boardman to Jane Addams, July 29, 1915

[Red Cross]
1624 H STREET N.W.

July 29, 1915.

Miss Jane Addams,
800 S. Halsted St.,

Dear Miss Addams:

Very many thanks for your kind letter of the 27th, and also for the pleasant words you have said about our American Red Cross units. I believe they have done good service. One fact we noticed constantly in letters and reports is the feeling of gratitude that the patients manifested, and it is this kindly personal relationship that helps to make for peace. We continue to have with their <all> Red Cross <societies> the pleasantest relationships. When we desire to ship hospital supplies to Germany special permits are given us by the British Embassy, and everywhere the Red Cross seems to have the right of way. It seems to me that in its work there lies a promise for the future. If nations would only assume a responsibility for their fellow nations' welfare, and not their fellow nations' illfare, we will have made a great step forward towards, and <what> we hope for, universal peace.

With very kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Mabel T. Boardman [signed]

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