Eleanor May Moore to Jane Addams, April 10, 1915

40 Evelina Road
Melbourne, Australia
10th April 1915.

Dear Miss Addams,

I am sure you will rejoice to know that a society on lines similar to that of the Women's Party has been formed here, to be known as "The Sisterhood of International Peace." We wish to link up Australian women who are working for Peace and Goodwill with the women of all other nations who are working in the same direction, and to get into touch with their sisters throughout the world. A word of encouragement from you and the Party you represent would greatly strengthen our hands, and any literature you can spare would be prized by us.

Perhaps your Secretary would kindly furnish us with the names of any kindred [page 2] societies in the U.S.A. or elsewhere, with which you are in correspondence.

The Editor of "The Commonweal" is forwarding to you a report of our first meeting.

Believe me
Yours very truly

Eleanor M. Moore [signed]

Correspondence Secretary
S. of I.P.
Miss Jane Addams
Chicago, U.S.A.