Jane Addams to Julia Henrietta Gulliver, April 21, 1903


My dear Miss Gulliver

I shall be very glad to come June 14″ if you really want a layman to give the sermon. It is such a good occasion for securing the interest of a distinguished minister that it seems almost a pity to throw it away. I shall come if it seems best but shall be quite as happy if it seems better to have a clergyman.

I could make an estimate of $250.00 for the furniture of [page 2] the parlor which ought to provide a judicious admixture of the old and new, but the question of rugs of course can go up or down as one becomes oriental or not. This could save $50.00 or even $100.00 on the furniture and still have it very attractive. I shall be glad to do any thing I can about it -- a ↑"smallish"↓ fire place put into the chimney would be fine and add much to the furniture aspect. Could Miss Reynold's fire place be moved down and a simpler [page 3] one put in there. I don't remember what it is but have a hazy notion of some thing dark and rich.

Always faithfully yours

Jane Addams

April 21″ 1903

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