Jane Addams to Richard Theodore Ely, October 15, 1906


Oct. 15, 1906.

My dear Mr. Ely:

Thank you very much for the letter, which came this morning.  The book evidently shows the signs of the haste in which it was finally put together, and I will take pains with the proofs. I can, of course, give the authors of the quotations in the foot-notes, although I did not do that in "Democracy and Social Ethics", and assumed that the book was to be kept popular and colloquial in style rather than exact and scholarly. The "minimum wage" from which I quoted is described on page 174-190 in the "Case for the Factory Acts",--it treats of the efforts in Victoria to eradicate the sweated industries. I am afraid I gave my real mind all summer to the School Board and did the book as a task.

Always faithfully yours

Jane Addams [signed]