Secretary to Jane Addams to James D. Darling, April 7, 1915


April 7, 1915.

Mr. J. D. Darling, General Secretary,
Ohio Sunday School Association,
104 N. Third St., Columbus, Ohio.

Dear Sir: --

Miss Addams has asked me to acknowledge your letter to her. She thanks you for your good wishes for the Peace Congress.

She also thanks you for your suggestion in regard to the dove pin. Mrs. Thomas has written Miss Stephenson in regard to the matter of the insignia adopted by the Woman's Peace Party must be pressed upon by the Executive Council, and they have decided to adopt a simple pin bearing the word "Peace." Whether there will be any opportunity to take up the matter in connection with the International Congress, I am not at all sure.

Thanking you heartily for your interest, I am

Yours cordially,

Assistant Secretary.