Herbert Quick to Daniel Kiefer, October 10, 1914

Berkeley Springs, W. Va.
October 10, 1914.
Daniel Kiefer,
Blyayer Bldg.,
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dear Dan:

Dr. Logan's proposed universal peace plan is very interesting. The really interesting and important suggestion is that of the enforcement of peace by denial of trade intercourse and access to the mails, cables, and telegraph lines to the nation refusing to abide by the rules. And yet, this practically is what is being enforced against Germany, with what lack of effort all the world can see.

The suggestion that a world conference insist upon Single Tax as a part of a peace plan does not seem tenable to me. It involves a diplomatic impossibility, and is morally objectionable, since it would impose a system of taxation upon peoples not yet convinced of its merits. It would seem rather absurd to force Single Tax on Missouri by a world peace agreement after what has taken place there. You would have rebellion in Missouri in three weeks, and in West Virginia too.

Yours sincerely,

(Editor "Xaim & Xerxes")

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