Louise de Koven Bowen to Jane Addams, June 19, [1905]

 June 19th
Bar Harbor, Maine.

Dear [Miss] Addams

Yours of the 15th received. You mustn't feel that you have to explain to me any thing that may go wrong in the Woman's Club building. I know you are not responsible for all [page 2] that happens there and I thought the actions of the Woman's [Union] labor league simply funny especially the woman who wrapped herself in the flag & defied expulsion. Various members of the Club have been writing me in regard to a [page 3] benefit for Mrs Pelham. I have also discouraged it, the last I heard it was to be a handkerchief shower which I have also frowned upon. I wrote Mrs Pelham some time ago offering some help but she said she was getting on well so I made the excuse of a vacation. If she should take one of the Hull [page 4] House flats I would like to pay the rent of it for a year and & couldn't you tell her that Hull House gave it to her? It is still very cold here one of my boys is back from school, the other comes in two weeks. We are enjoying being all together again. I think you ought to take a rest after all your school speaking. I am [page 5] afraid your [Miss] Lathrop has been having a worrying time on the Juvenile Court. I feel like a pig to be away & leave it all to her.

 Aff'ly yours

Louise deKoven Bowen

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