Secretary to Jane Addams to Berenice Morrison-Fuller, March 19, 1915


March 19, 1915.

My dear Mrs. Morrison-Fuller: --

Miss Addams is staying at the hospital with her sister who is very ill, so I am replying to your letter in regard to The Hague Congress.

The members of the party expect to sail on the Ryndam, leaving New York on April 15th. I am enclosing some information that has been looked up by Miss Emmeline Lawrence of the North Shore Review. Much of this is known to you already. It is not known just when the vessel sails on its return trip.

Miss Addams is expecting to go, Mrs. Fannie Fern Andrews of Boston, Mrs. John Jay White, Mrs. Louis F. Post and Mrs. J. B. Rublee of Washington, Miss Grace Abbott and possibly Miss Breckinridge of Chicago. It is hoped that Mrs. Anna Garlin Spencer will go, and Miss Grace DeGraff of Portland, Oregon. Several others have not yet decided whether they can go or not.

We hope to have in a day or two the "Call to the Congress" and the Program printed, and will send you a copy. Miss Addams, it seems to me, feels that this Congress is exceedingly important, and she earnestly hopes that there may be an adequate representation of American women.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Berenice Morrison-Fuller,
The Buckingham,
St. Louis, Mo.