W. E. B. Du Bois to Jane Addams, April 19, 1905


Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House
Halsted St

My Dear Miss [Addams]:

We hold this year, May 30, our 10th annual conference to study the Negro problems. Edgar Gardner Murphy & probably Professor Walter F Wilcox will be here among others. I very much wish you could come. We can only offer [traveling] expenses & entertainment, but if you can possibly spare us the time & give us a talk of twenty minutes it would be I assure you a very great service [to] our cause.

[W. E. B. Du Bois]

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David Kaminski

As for the description: "Du Bois invites Addams to speak for twenty minutes at the upcoming Atlanta Conference of Negro Problems," I might myself borrow his exact words "the Negro problems" as having a slightly different intepretation, I think.


At the bottom of the letter, I would suggest the lower case "c" for "cause" and note that "can" and some other words start with a higher "c" but it is not capitalized. He may here be capitalizing it, but I am not seeing that myself.

Cathy Moran Hajo

Thanks for your careful eye! We wanted to provide a bit more context for the conference, such as its specific name, so I'll correct that description. I agree with you on the lower C.

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