Secretary to Jane Addams to Carrie Chapman Catt, March 2, 1915


March 2, 1915.

My dear Mrs. Catt: --

Miss Addams has asked me to send you the enclosed copy of a cablegram lately received. She is sending this to all members of the [Cooperating] Council of the Woman's Peace Party, hoping that as large a delegation as possible may go to take part in the counsels of the congress.

She has asked me to tell you that she very much wishes that you might go; that you are the woman whom she particularly desires to have present.

Miss Addams has cabled an acceptance of the invitation for the Woman's Peace Party, saying that the end of April would be the best time for the congress.

May I express once more Miss Addams urgent hope that you may be able to go.

Yours very truly,

Assistant Secretary.

Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt,
2 West 86th St., New York.