Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, March 18, 1903


Overbrook March 18″ 1903


There hasn't been 48 hours for weeks when I haven't heard some thing from your mother and I find myself very restless to know. I hope I shall find letters in N.Y. that all is as well as when I left, and that you, dear, are holding out. Bless you always!

Both Erie and Trenton went off very well and I reached here last evening in time for dinner. Dear Aunt Jane is the same as [page 2] ever and very warming to the heart it is, to see her. I dine at the settlement this evening but have all day before me and feel as if a shelter had opened up in the wilderness of lecturing. The Spring is something beautiful -- yesterday the [tender] green and soft light were really almost touching all day long. I had two hours in N.Y. & stopped to see Edith Kendall who took lunch [page 3] with me and escorted me to the Jersey side of the Penn. R.R. "Bobby's" sky has some clouds in it evidently and I am expected to help [her] out. I do believe that Chicago is simpler and bigger minded than N.Y. with all its airs!

The silk petticoat is a great solace as are the red shoes. I am trying to save the little petty but feel highly respectable to have it in my bag. [page 4]

Please give my love to the dear household, always & forever yrs J. A.

In Philadelphia

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