Secretary to Jane Addams to Alice Clothier Darnell, January 29, 1915


January 29, 1915.

Miss Alice C. Darnell, Asst. Prin.,
Friends' Academy,
Locust Valley, Long Island, N. Y.

My dear Miss Darnell:-

Your letter to Miss Addams has been referred to me for answer, and in the confusion and delay attendant upon the establishment of the National Headquarters here, has had to give way to more urgent things.

Miss Addams thinks your plan a very good one, but believes there would be a wider use of it through the American School Peace League, of which Mrs. Fannie Fern Andrews, of 405 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass., is Secretary.

We have read your letter to the membership of the Propaganda Committee here, and they think your suggestion a very valuable one, and will adopt it in the local work of the schools.  We shall be glad to include it in the Suggestions to Teachers which go out from this office.

I want to call your attention especially to the third feature under propaganda in our plan of work. We feel that the women connected with schools will be our most powerful agents in this connection.

Thanking you for your active interest in this matter, I am

Sincerely yours,

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