Jane Addams to Raymond Robins, January 13, 1915



January 13, 1915

My dear Mr. Robins:-

I have had no notification of the meeting on the 15th so that I suppose it has been given up, although when Mr. Perkins was in Chicago he spoke of it as quite definitely arranged for. I am going to write him and ask him to notify you whenever an executive meeting is held, and am giving him both your Chicago and Brookville addresses.

I am so sorry to hear that Mrs. Robins has been ill -- I didn't even know of her accident until your letter reached me! Having been in a railway smash-up myself many years ago on the Santa Fe I know how painful and distressing are bruises of that sort, and just how long it takes to restore one's confidence in the world. Will you give her my love, please, and sympathy.

I wish very much that you could take hold of the League for the Prevention of Increased Armaments. It was organized in New York about two weeks ago and received $10,000 from the Carnegie Foundation. They have found it difficult to get hold of good speakers who are in sympathy with the movement. We had something [page 2] of the same trouble in Chicago where our own Peace Association was torn asunder because of difference of opinion of its members. Evidently, they were not grounded in the faith, for our President, Le Roy Goddard, up and resigned, while our Treasurer, David Forgan, to our horror joined the Navy League!

I wish you could do something for them. I feel that this is one of the most important things we can do. Perhaps you have seen our Chicago [program] but I am enclosing it. The new society seems to have started out splendidly.

I hope very much that you are coming back to Chicago soon; we miss Mrs. Robins and yourself at every turn.

With cordial good wishes for the New Year, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Raymond Robins, Esq.,
Brookville, Florida