Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, January 7, 1915


January 7, 1915.

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams:-

I am glad to send you word that on January 1st, -- the end of our first quarter -- we had $10,092 in paid and promised contributions to our general educational fund, or one half of the $20,000 appealed for. It will, of course, be raising the second half in which the rub will come.

It is equally gratifying to find that our [Cooperating] Subscribers at $10 each are running neck and neck with last year's showing. It is among our larger contributions that we have anticipations of losses.

With these two considerations should be linked the fact that while circulation receipts are $100 over those of a year ago for the quarter, advertising is more than $1,000 behind. Our Educational Fund, therefore, is crucial this year, and I am prompted to ask the personal help of members of the Board of Directors is getting in some new money to make good the larger contributions which have dropped out. I am asking each member to be responsible for raising $100, or $1,200 in all. There are two points which I want to make very clear with respect to this request: First, that it would destroy the spirit of the thing if any member chipped in his share personally rather than got us these new contributors; and second, that if you prefer, and will give me the names, Miss Merriman and I will make the appeals in person or by letter.

My preference would be two $50 contributions or four $25 contributions, rather than a single $100 contribution.

The copy of the report I am sending under separate cover will show you the names already on our lists.


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