Frances Alice Kellor to Jane Addams, December 22, 1914


NEW YORK Dec. 22, 1914.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams: --

It seems that it was decided to not only separate the Service, but to prevent the Service people using the name, though the people at the meeting are in utter disagreement as to what was done.

Therefore, it will probably come up at the next meeting and I want to especially ask if you will give your proxy to Mr. Robins and to no one else. He knows the whole service situation and can do more with Mr. McCormick and we absolutely need his vote. Mr. Ickes does not know the situation and will not be of much help in the Service and it is vital to keep the name. If we choose a new name it means starting a new organization, while we want this to survive. Besides all of our forthcoming publications carry this name. Please remember about the proxy. It is important.

Very sincerely yours,

Frances A Kellor [signed]