Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, August 24, 1906



Why don't you drop me just a "little word" to cheer me on my way. I sat yesterday from 9–12.15 from 2–5. During all the latter period he did only the ear which looked very much the same before and after. It has been terribly hot, the "hottest weather ever known in Dublin" & yet in spite of that had the preternatural slowness of the artist, the portrait done small and for the first time I begin to see something in it. Mr Brush does not want any [readers?], I have had several good offers, so we let them alone and really get on very well, [page 2] he is a friendly and charming man. Mrs Brush has been to see me twice and the [Learneds] have really been quite devoted. I drove them for supper last evening [through] one of the worst thunder storms "I ever see here" ↑[illegible]↓ Mr Goring said. It was really a [most] unpleasant adventure not that it is past--the lake was a sheet of light most of the time and the sky ↑quite genuine.↓ I am sending along some letters, that you may care to see, please don't send them back.

With love to Sister Eleanor--

Alway yrs J. A.

Aug 24" 1906
Dublin N.H