Jane Addams to Lucia Ames Mead, December 23, 1914


December 23, 1914.

My dear Mrs Mead: --

I am sending you copy of a letter which I sent to Mrs. Catt a few days ago in reply to the constant demand that the meeting proposed to be held in Washington on January 10th be made national.

As I say to Mrs. Catt, I do not know whether this is a wise move, and of course I did not mean to get into action until I had communicated with you. I believe generally in working through the accredited organizations and do not care much for separate women's movements, but in this case the demand has been so universal and spontaneous over the country that it seemed to me best to take it up. Will you write me frankly what you think of it? And I need not tell you that I shall be tremendously disappointed if you are not able to come and help form the plans. This first meeting is being called a Conference, and out of it probably will grow a second gathering.

I am sending you a list of the people to whom I have written. Could you send to each of them -- at my expense, if  necessary, -- a copy of Mr. Mead's pamphlet, "Women and War", published in October? It would help very much. [page 2]

It is difficult of course to get together hastily a large body of women from all over the country. We take courage however from the fact that the demand has been most spontaneous and universal. May I ask you to come yourself and to send representatives from your Peace Committee, if you have one.

Will you send your acceptance to Mrs. John Jay White, Studio House, Sheridan Circle Washington, D.C., who will inform you as to headquarters, etc.

Hoping to see you in Washington, I am,

Sincerely yours,

 Jane Addams. [signed]

Mrs. Lucia Ames Mead, Chairman
Peace Department of the National Council of Women.