Jane Addams to Richard Theodore Ely, December 9, 1914


December 9, 1914

My dear Dr. Ely: --

<Miss> Alice Henry who is, as you know, the able editor of "Life and Labor", has written a book on "The Trades Union Women." She sent it to Macmillan who sent back a very kindly response but who seem to hesitate about taking it just now.

Would you like to see the manuscript in relation to your series? I am sure you would find it ably done and bearing the ear marks of immediacy from one who had been in the thick of things.

I think I have never told you of the very great pleasure it gave me to see your Aunt when she was ill in the hospital at [Beirut], only a few weeks before her death. I shall always treasure that visit as one of my most remarkable experiences.

With cordial greetings to Mrs. Ely and yourself, I am

Always sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Professor Richard T. Ely
University of Wisconsin.