George Platt Brett Sr. to Jane Addams, February 25, 1905


The Macmillan Company,
66 Fifth Avenue,
New York, Feb. 25, 1905

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House, Chicago

Dear Miss Addams:-

 I am very glad indeed to learn from your letter of the 23d to our Mr. Williams that the manuscript of your new book is so nearly ready.

We shall be glad, you may be sure, to give you special facilities in the manufacture of the work and I estimate that with ordinary rapidity in proof-reading that it need not take more than four weeks to get out the book and put it upon the market after receipt of final copy.

I am afraid that this is about the best that can be done, doing justice to the ordinary details of manufacture.

With regard to the time of publication of such a book I may say that it seems to me that it ought if possible to be published before May 1st, but that it would not be impossible for it to appear any time during that month. Later than May, however, should it prove that it must be published, I should advocate, I think, postponing the date of its appearance until the middle of September or thereabouts.

I shall be glad to hear when you are able to tell me just about when we may hope to have complete copy for the book.

Yours very truly,

George P. Brett [signed]