Proposed Plan for Bureau of Education in National Progressive Party, November 7, 1912




The following is the proposed plan for the permanent educational work of the National Progressive Party.


There shall be six divisions, each under a division chief, who with a volunteer staff shall have general charge of the work. The divisions shall be as follows:

Education. -- The duties of this staff shall be: 1. To prepare and distribute general information relating to the Progressive Party, to conduct correspondence courses, to prepare outlines for study classes and courses of reading, and to devise any other methods which will disseminate Progressive information; 2. To keep a register of all correspondents and workers for the purpose of such educational work.

Publicity: -- The duties of this staff shall be to secure, register, engae, train and make dates for speakers and to prepare and furnish material on the various planks in the National and State platforms for speeches.

Legislation.-- The duties of this staff shall be to obtain, in States where Progressives are elected to office copies of pending laws and to urge State workers to urge their passage, to prepare and have introduced bills affecting the interests of women and children and working people, to urge the defeat of bills opposed to public welfare, and to act as a clearing house for such legislative matters for the States. [page 2]

Immigration.-- The duties of this staff shall be the education, organizaton and assimilation of resident aliens in political and economic matters, and the amelioration of the dangers and evils of their industrial and social life, and the development of a domestic immigration policy for Nation and States.

Social and Industrial Labratory. -- The duties of this staff shall be to utilize to the fullest possible extent the valuable data collected by social workers in their various fields, to avail itself of their experience and initiative in matters of public welfare and industrial conditions and to [cooperate] with their activities in every way possible.

Labor. -- The duties of this staff shall be the fulfillment in every way possible of the pledges in the pledges in the National and State platform made to working men, women and children.


National Organizers.-- The method of organization proposed is that these Divisions shall constitute the National Bureau of Education and that each state shall so far as practicable carry out this plan; that a staff of National organizers shall be maintained for the purpose of assisting states to develop this work along uniform lines, and who shall from time to time confer with state leaders and render any assistance they may require. These organizers shall especially interest women in active work and shall urge their representation upon state and local committees of the Progressive Party. [page 3]

Division Staffs.-- The staff of each National Division shall be started by the selection of five experts in each field; to these to be added a representative from each State. Each staff may enroll as many persons as possible to participate in the work of each division.

Council.-- The chiefs of divisions elected by their staff, together with such other members as they may elect, shall constitute a council which shall determine general policies, issues, methods and all matters which each Bureau and the various states may refer to it.

Finances. -- This National organization plan to be effective involves a thorough organization. It is proposed to finance it by general subscriptions and by states. The latter plan is to hold in each state, as soon after election as possible, one general meeting for the whole state, at which the permanent educational plan will be discussed and the amount of the state budget and the methods of raising it for National work determined.

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