Jane Addams to Helena S. Dudley, November 6, 1912


Nov. 6, 1912

Dear Miss Dudley:-

I have been obliged to decline the invitation to speak at Lincoln House simply because I am rather worn out with much speaking for the Progressive campaign, and other things.

May I divulge a cherished plan I have had for this winter. Wouldn't it be possible for you to come and be at Hull-House as my guest for part of this year, as much time as you could possibly give us? I have always wanted you to see something of the place. The labor situation is developing very interestingly in Chicago, the I W Ws are about to organize the stock yards next, and there are so many ways in which you might be one of the most helpful people in the world if you could be at Hull-House for a while.

I think we could assure you a certain amount of quiet for study and [Page 2] reading as I know that is what you are planning to do this year, and I am sure a lot of activities would gradually develop which would interest you. We have never had a fair share of help from the Eastern settlements and I wish with all my heart you would consider this. 

<Do please, dear friend, please, give me this pleasure.

Always devotedly yours>

 Jane Addams [signed]

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